Published May 17, 2021

The Summit Offers Hope Even Amidst Violence in Northern Nigeria


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“To God be the glory for the privilege to host The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) in Maiduguri, Nigeria this year in spite of the very challenging security situation,” said Julius Msheliza, pastor and GLS coordinator in northern Nigeria.

…it inspires me and gives me the courage to continue to serve my community even in very difficult and sometimes life-threatening conditions.

The location of the GLS in Maiduguri proved both challenging and unique. Located in northern Nigeria, the city has been under siege by the Boko Haram insurgents, and recently the only safe way to enter the city has been by air. It’s a very dangerous situation with high levels of violence that threaten the lives of the local people, making the security situation very fragile to live, let alone host events.

However, in the midst of darkness, the Summit offered a sense of hope to those who attended this year. “The Global Leadership Summit was a breath of a fresh air,” said Julius.

Here are just a few of the things we heard from those who attended.

“It’s tough living and working in this city because of the activities of the Boko Haram. So, I always look forward to the GLS because it inspires me and gives me the courage to continue to serve my community even in very difficult and sometimes life-threatening conditions.” – Dauda

“I was first invited to the event last year and that singular experience changed the trajectory of my personal life and the organization I lead. At this year’s event, Michael Todd’s talk was a light bulb moment for me on how to pace my life in a sustainable and meaningful way. I can’t thank the organizers of this Summit enough for bringing the event to our troubled city.” – Dunas

“I was blessed to attend the GLS in Maiduguri this year. We didn’t expect it to come to us because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but you still came. Thank you for strengthening and encouraging us. Vanessa Van Edwards opened my eyes to the way people perceive me on the scale of warmth and competence, and how to strike a balance on these important traits that will help my leadership. All the other speakers were awesome as well!” – Emmanuel

If you have ever given above and beyond the registration cost to attend The Global Leadership Summit, you have contributed to making this event possible in places like Maiduguri, Nigeria. You have been a beacon of hope in the midst of a dire situation!

Julius Msheliza shares his gratitude in this short video. Thank you for bringing hope to Nigeria!
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